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Coffees, one of the indispensable hot drinks of today, are the choice of most people. Accordingly, people who prefer to drink coffee as a formula to start the day vigorously after getting up in the morning are also aware that it is good for health. Coffee varieties are also rich among themselves and it is important for people to choose the coffee that suits their taste by choosing on these varieties. As a matter of fact, it is possible to mention Turkish coffees, menengiç coffee, mortar coffee, milk foamed coffee and many other types of coffee. Today, many types of coffee brewing methods from espresso to mocha pot have entered our homes. It is beneficial for those who prefer to drink coffee as one of the best ways to start the day vigorously, to choose coffees suitable for their taste and style at this point.

What are the Types of Coffee?

It is possible to mention many types of coffee. So what are these types of coffee? If it is necessary to list the types of coffee according to their preparation, Espresso coffee, which is served in a very fast and practical way and is liked by many people, takes the first place. The type of coffee formed by brewing medium roasted coffee with water filtered with the help of a filter is also called Filter coffee. Another type of coffee is Turkish coffee, which is identified with our country and is considered among the most consumed coffees according to many traditions. Turkish coffee, served with productions such as foamy, plain and sweet, is among the highly appreciated and continuously preferred coffee varieties. Cappuccino coffee is another type of coffee that is consumed for breakfast in Italy and is very popular in our country.

As A Roasting Lab, we can pack our coffee beans by grinding them in accordance with many brewing methods. In the order step, you can grind your coffee either for French Press or for Moka Pot.

How to Choose the Appropriate Coffee for Taste

Coffee, which is one of the most consumed products in daily life, should be chosen according to the taste of people. It is useful for people to know the properties of coffee types and coffee varieties well in terms of how to choose a coffee that suits the taste. At this point, it is known that coffees are generally plain, milky, bitter and sweetened. It is unreasonable for a person who does not consume a lot of sugar to prefer sugary coffee. Likewise, people who do not have a choice of bitter and black coffee should definitely prefer coffees with low, medium or high sugar. The coffees we mentioned about coffee types also have their own density. People who go to a cafe or restaurant should actually choose coffee according to their own style by looking at the types of coffee on the menus. It is also possible for people who do not know the taste of the palate to find this taste by trying coffee types.

How to Prepare Coffee?

There are thousands of people who are constantly researching how to make coffee at home. Especially people who like to be in the kitchen and who are just starting to develop themselves in the kitchen should decide on which type of coffee to make at this point. There are various techniques of making coffee. In particular, it is possible to serve soluble coffees by cooking them in a short time with the help of water. However, coffees that require intense and high bar pressure such as espresso must be made by coffee making machines. There are many methods of making coffee around the world. These methods also vary according to the type of coffee. For example, a Turkish coffee can be easily prepared in the desired shapes (such as plain, sweetened, cappuccino) in a pot, while coffees that need high bar pressure, as we mentioned, should also be prepared in the coffee maker.

The Best Coffee

The finest types of coffee are actually a relative concept. You can always achieve the best quality as long as there is fresh coffee. When choosing coffee beans, people should especially prefer coffees to suit their style and taste. For example, a plain Turkish coffee is the best coffee for some, while a heavily brewed Filter coffee is the best coffee for other segments. Coffee beans and granulated coffee are also among the coffees that can be considered in this context. You can make your coffee beautiful by preparing the types of coffee suitable for your taste in the most effective and in accordance with the standards.

Coffee Bean

Coffee types that are roasted but consumed without grinding are called coffee beans. The life of coffee beans that should be consumed after roasting is not as long as it is thought if they are ground. Ground coffee, which can become stale after 3 weeks, is also a type preferred by more people. However, if you need to store it for a long time, you can buy it as coffee beans without grinding and store it for months.

Granulated Brown

Granulated coffee, good of coffee beans

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